Winter pool installations vs. spring pool installations: When is the best time to buy?

Almost every appointment that I attend this time of year, one of the questions from customers is: “When is the best time to install my inground fiberglass pool, fall/winter or next spring?

Well, the answer to this question, at least in most cases, is relatively simple.

Here is my answer for each season:

Advantages to Fall/Winter Inground Pool Installation

  1. Lowest price
  2. Cost of good increases
  3. Landscaping
  4. Brain Freeze
  5. Enjoy Your Yard Again

Lowest Price

Pool builders have almost the same operating costs during the winter as in the summer, overhead. To keep our crews busy longer before the deep freeze we generally price lower during the fall and winter projects. Same goes for our landscapers.

Sometimes our pool manufactures also have promo’s and throw in FREE upgrades like Automation, Robotic Cleaners and extended warranties.

Cost of Good Increases

Over the years there is a trend with swimming pool suppliers that they slowly increase their pricing over the Winter in preparation for the spring. It’s a combination of inflation, cost of raw materials and tariffs. It’s fair to expect that, in fact some suppliers have already increased their pricing and it’s a wait and see game.


September and October are great times in many areas of the country for planting grass and plants around the pool. Because the installation of a swimming pool will always cause some damage to a yard, it will take some time to re-grow the grass/vegetation around the pool area. This is why it’s typically better to give yourself 4–6 months for proper landscaping and vegetation growth versus 1–2 months in the spring.

Brain Freeze

If you are like most families have an inground pool has been a conversation over the summer, and visiting uncle Jimmy with a pool always starts that debate. The longer you wait the more time and energy you are going to put into “thinking about it”.  Life happens and we all get that but pulling that trigger and making it a reality is always sooner rather than later.

Enjoy Your Yard

It’s going be a mess! Why not get that mess out of the way during the fall and winter when you don’t use your backyard. Wouldn’t be awesome to open your sliding doors in May and your family has a pool to enjoy or the alternative is a big mess with gravel, dirt and machines.

Advantages to a Spring Inground Pool Installation

  1. Some savings
  2. Don’t need it now
  3. Less time looking at the pool

Some Savings

“I’ll wait until the spring so I can save up more money” sure sounds great in theory but does it really happen. How long have you been thinking about a pool? How did you buy your current vehicle?  If you walked in the dealership and paid cash for your purchase great let’s wait… financing the pool’s shortfall if needed is a great way to get your family spending more time together and enjoying your backyard.

Don’t need it now        

“Little Tommy’s birthday is in June, so a spring install is perfect in time for his party” It is if all variables fall in your favour, April & May showers would delay every install, landscape material could be back ordered, delays with previous pool installs and pushes your install back and the list goes on.

If you start building in the spring, with the hopes of having the pool built in time for birthdays, holidays, etc., an unexpected spring shower can throw your whole timeline off. You can rest easy knowing that your pool will be up and ready to go for summer if it gets started in the fall.

Less Time Looking at the Pool

Frankly, this is the only advantage I can honestly think of when debating over whether to have a fall/winter pool installation versus a spring installation. For some consumers, the thought of having to wait 4–7 months before they can use their pool after its completion is too much to bear. For others, the money saved makes the wait well worth it.

Once you get your pool, you & your family will be so happy that you did!

Good luck with your decision and, as always, happy splashing!