Choosing The Right Pool For Your Family

The decision to install a pool at your home involves many factors, including cost, time to install, maintenance, location of your home, and what you plan to use it for. Once you have made the decision to install a pool the next step is to address the budget for both time and cost of the installation, […]

Advantages of Concrete, Fiberglass & Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools

If you’re in the market for a new in-ground pool, you have three options: concrete (also known as gunite), fiberglass, or a vinyl liner. But how much do you really know about each? Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. While fiberglass pools typically offer the most benefits to the prospective pool owner, there are […]

Salt Water Chlorine Generators – How Long Should They Last?

Salt water chlorine generators are very important in a pool for they reduce maintenance work for a pool owner. The generators dispense chlorine at a constant rate thereby maintaining the optimum levels in the pool. However, many people are confused over how long their salt water chlorine generators should last in a swimming pool.  However, […]

The Pros and Cons of Saltwater Chlorine and Ozone Pools

You’ve done your research and have considered all the options. Now you’re ready to make the decision to install a swimming pool. While you’ve tackled the big issues such as the type of pool, budget, and landscaping, you also have to consider how you plan to keep the water clean and sparkling. We all have […]

What Are the Six Most Common Salt Water Chlorine Generator Problems?

What are the Six Most Common Salt Water Chlorine Generator Problems Uptown Pools has always been a big fan of salt water chlorine generators second to a mineral ionization water system.. more about that later. That said, no perfect system exists whether it’s salt, ionization, ozone UV or basic chlorine it’s always personal preference and […]

Common Questions about Fiberglass Pools

Got Questions about Fiberglass Pools? We’ve Got Answers! Fiberglass pools are steadily gaining in popularity, but they’re still only a recent addition to the current choices of pool surfaces such as vinyl liner and concrete pools. But how well-informed are you about fiberglass pools? If you’re shaking your head, don’t worry. We’ll tell you everything you […]

What’s the Best Pool for My Dog?

A lot of people with medium-sized pets like to let them play in the pool. Dogs need two important things from a pool: They need a shallow area to stand up in. They need to know where to get in and out. Pets love shallow water where they can stand up. They can hang out there, and they can swim […]

Best Ontario Pool Heater Option: Gas Vs. Heat Pump Vs. Solar

Are you looking for a way to use your swimming pool for as much of the year as possible? At 3 Day Pools we meet with hundreds of families across Ontario and within the GTA each year regarding their inground pool projects and we receive many questions regarding pool heaters. Today we’re going to discuss the benefits […]

Understanding How Chlorine Affects Swimming Pool Water

Understanding Pool Chlorine You do not necessarily have to be a scientist to handle your pool’s chemistry properly. Of course, the chemistry knowledge will make your pool’s maintenance easier for you. It will also allow you to impress your friends and neighbours and know the science behind the things you do to keep a clean and […]

All You Need to Know About Vinyl Liner Pools

Costs, Installation and Basic Information Vinyl liner pools are fairly common and chances are you’ve encountered one at someone’s house at some point. If you are considering getting one yourself, we’ll help you get informed on the fundamental points regarding vinyl liner pools. Here are some things to consider: installation, associated expenses, good and bad […]