Common Questions about Fiberglass Pools

Got Questions about Fiberglass Pools? We’ve Got Answers! Fiberglass pools are steadily gaining in popularity, but they’re still only a recent addition to the current choices of pool surfaces such as vinyl liner and concrete pools. But how well-informed are you about fiberglass pools? If you’re shaking your head, don’t worry. We’ll tell you everything you […]


As a pool owner, it’s necessary to ensure the safety of your pool by properly grounding and bonding your pool equipment. However, many owners are confused by this aspect of pool construction. Below, we’ll cover why correctly bonding and grounding pool equipment is so important. What Is Bonding and Grounding?   Swimming pools require electricity to operate. […]

Winter Pool Installation Common Questions and Answers

Most Common Questions Installing a Fiberglass Pool in Ontario Winter COST AND PRICING Majority of Canadians, especially us Ontarian’s, naturally assume that all pool companies close during the winter (I guess the idea of installing a swimming pool in February does seem a little odd and maybe crazy.)  However, many pool companies, like ours for […]

When Should You Install an Inground Pool? Is it in the Fall, Winter, or Spring?

Winter fiberglass pool installations vs. spring fiberglass pool installations: When is the best time to buy? Winter is approaching and you’re on the fence about getting a fiberglass pool installed, this is almost the most common question we get. “When is the best time to buy and install my fiberglass pool? Not going to lie […]