How to Choose a Low Maintenance Swimming Pool

Just like any part of your home, your pool requires cleaning and maintenance. Imagine your pool is a big bathtub, only its outside and can get really, really dirty. You would never get into a dirty bath, so the same should apply to your pool. Since maintenance is inevitable, there are several factors you need to […]

Salt Water Chlorine Generators – How Long Should They Last?

Salt water chlorine generators are very important in a pool for they reduce maintenance work for a pool owner. The generators dispense chlorine at a constant rate thereby maintaining the optimum levels in the pool. However, many people are confused over how long their salt water chlorine generators should last in a swimming pool.  However, […]

The Pros and Cons of Saltwater Chlorine and Ozone Pools

You’ve done your research and have considered all the options. Now you’re ready to make the decision to install a swimming pool. While you’ve tackled the big issues such as the type of pool, budget, and landscaping, you also have to consider how you plan to keep the water clean and sparkling. We all have […]

What Are the Six Most Common Salt Water Chlorine Generator Problems?

What are the Six Most Common Salt Water Chlorine Generator Problems Uptown Pools has always been a big fan of salt water chlorine generators second to a mineral ionization water system.. more about that later. That said, no perfect system exists whether it’s salt, ionization, ozone UV or basic chlorine it’s always personal preference and […]

5 Reasons to NEVER Drain your fiberglass swimming pool

We all hear horror stories about fiberglass pools popping out of the ground (especially from our vinyl pool guys), bulging and heaving… what we don’t hear is that for some reason the fiberglass pool was completely drained without a professional. We are attracted to Fiberglass pools because they are the warriors of pools, safest for our […]

The Top 5 Household Products That Can Clean Your Pool

Pool maintenance chemicals can be very expensive and sometimes hard to come by. This makes some pool owners struggle getting the chemicals. As a result, you may wonder whether you can find these chemicals while packaged in products that are made for entirely different purposes.  Well, this is possible and in fact, at a much […]

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Closing an Inground Pool

Nearly all pools are closed during winter. Unfortunately, a good number of those pools suffer damage since the owners did not follow the right procedures when closing them down. We are therefore going to look at the 5 common mistakes that pool owners make when closing down their pools. Cleaning the salt generator During their […]

How To Clear Cloudy Swimming Pool Water

Owning a swimming pool comes with many challenges that pool owners have to deal with from time to time. For instance, when you have a pool party at your home, you may realize that your pool water has become cloudy and dirty. This condition is caused by improper levels of chlorine, imbalance in PH, alkalinity […]

Vital Swimming Pool Chemicals

Just like other stagnant waters around your home, swimming pools are faced with dangers that tend to not only reduce the quality of water but also, make the pool difficult to swim in. keeping your swimming pool clean and clear can be a tough job. This is especially when you do not have the right […]

Identify Treat and Remove Algae in Your Swimming Pool

If you have a swimming pool, you probably know that July and August are some of the worst months for the pool. This is because, the months are sunny and warm and this promotes the growth of algae in the pool. In addition, the warmth brings inconsistencies on the sanitizer levels in the pool and this […]