Your Salt Water Pool Alternative

Clear Blue Ionization

The Clear Blue Ionizer – What’s Included

Copper Mineral Cell

Mineral Cell Adapter

Copper Ionization Controller

Minerals reduce chemicals, chores and costs

No Chlorine Smell

Mineral pools require about half as much chlorine as either salt water or chlorine pools according to the EPA, NSF, Health Canada and other governing bodies.

No Itchy Skin

The maximum amount of copper that is allowed in drinking water is 1.3ppm. Our controller will maintain a maximum of 0.4ppm if properly configured.

Easy on your Wallet

ClearBlue mineral pools cost less to operate and maintain overall than salt water or traditional chlorine pools.

How It Works in Your Pool

Where Does It Go?

The ClearBlue system consists of a controller, a clear PVC tee and a set of mineral plates called an electrode. The PVC tee is plumbed into your plumbing on the line that runs heated, filtered water into your pool or spa. The electrode is threaded into the tee and is connected to the controller with an electrical cable.

Where do the minerals come from?

The controller charges the two plates of the electrode with a precise electrical current. As the electrical current jumps from one plate to the other through the water, microscopic mineral particles are released. The electricity gives these particles a positive charge or ‘ionizes’ them which converts them into mineral ions.

What do the minerals do?

Positively charged mineral ions are attracted to negatively charged bacteria and algae cells and kill them by changing their molecular structure. The dead cells combine into chunks that are collected by the filter.