Everything About Automatic Pool Safety Covers

Winters can be a tough time for people living in places that receive a significant amount of snowfall. Everything gets affected by the harsh and bitter cold pipes burst, driveways get damaged due to cracking, house structures get affected, and if you are the owner of a pool then you can only pray that it remains in a usable state once summer approaches. It is time you get some guidance on how to keep your pool equipment protected.

Automatic pool covers are known to give you immense benefits when it comes to safekeeping your pool during winters. It helps keep out debris, dust, and snow from the pool. Installing a cover and forgetting about it will not help you, it would need care and maintenance as well.

Installing an automatic pool cover is a huge investment costing somewhere between $12-22k.


But don’t worry.

In this article, we have put together a list of pointers to help you get clarity on how to take care of such a cover during winters. It will also help you understand the requirements of what goes into having and maintaining an automatic swimming pool cover, so that it can serve its purpose during those harsh winter months.


Can you use an automatic pool like a winter cover?


When using an automatic pool cover, you must remember that it is not a winter cover. It is susceptible to damage from natural elements like debris, snow, water, and ice. We recommend using a spring-loaded safety cover during the winters to cover your pool.


What is covered in the automatic pool cover warranty? 

Each warranty, in this case, will be different depending on the manufacturer. Remember to look for these points when you are going through the warranty details. 

  1. It will most likely not include climate-related damage. 
  2. It is to be used to only cover and uncover the pool and for nothing else, as this might not be included in the warranty. 
  3. Any neglect resulting in the accumulation of water or snow may result in the warranty being void. 


How to prepare the pool for oncoming winters?

Follow these important steps to help you prepare your pool for the winters.


  • Winterize the pool
  • When getting ready to cover make sure that you keep the water level a little on the higher side. This will help support the weight of the ice and snow. It is an important step that you must not skip at any cost.


Tips to maintain an automatic pool cover.

Get yourself a cover pump to regularly remove water and snow that may get collected on the cover. It is better to keep removing any snow regularly before it becomes a big issue. It is important to do this often, especially towards the end of the winter season.

Also remember to switch off the pump, even if it has an automatic on/off switch. A pump that operates on its own runs the risk of overheating and breaking. 


Consequences of not removing water from an automatic pool cover.

When the accumulated snow and ice melts it creates a high amount of pressure on the pool cover. This can do a lot of damage to the cover and cause the tracks to burst. The best way to deal with this is to keep draining the accumulated water. Keep checking the skimmer to ensure that the water level doesn’t dip down below it. If water is needed add using a water hose.


What is the weight-bearing capacity of an automatic pool cover?

Any normal automatic pool cover has a capacity of 2000 pounds. One thing you need to remember is that snow and water are heavy as well. When they get accumulated in a concentrated space, they can exert almost up to 60 pounds per cubic foot. A spring-loaded safety cover can be an alternative to automatic covers. They are sturdier and can take an immense amount of weight. 

One absolute rule that you must follow is to avoid removing the automatic cover if the outside temperatures are freezing. This might damage the system beyond repair. 


What should you do once winter comes to an end?

Once the freezing weather bids adieu, and spring sets in with its beautiful weather, reach out to a professional. They will not only be able to come out and service the pool, but they will be best equipped to remove your automatic pool cover safely. This will prevent it from getting damaged. They can also provide expertise in how to best store it when not in use. This will ensure that it stays in shape for a long time.


A recap of how to maintain an automatic pool cover.


  • Make sure you have winterized your swimming pool.
  • Ensure that you have drained the water till half of the skimmer.
  • Regularly keep removing the water that might get collected on top of the cover.
  • It is needless to say that do not remove the top cover when it is freezing outside.
  • It is advisable to call a professional who has a good amount of experience to open your pool when spring hits. 
  • You should maintain the water level by checking it by dipping the water hose in the skimmer.


Let us look at the important Dos and Don’ts of automatic pool cover maintenance.


  • Winterizing your pool before you close it is important.
  • Do drain the pool water halfway above the skimmer level.
  • Maintain the level above the skimmer level through the winters.
  • In case you are using a vinyl cover, drain water from it.
  • If you have an automatic cover system, hire a professional for servicing once spring hits.


  • Let your cover pump remain on when not in use.
  • Don’t let the water drain below the skimmer level.
  • Don’t fill the pool to the brim, it might cause damage.