The Exquisite

  • Built-in spa that integrates into the overall pool
  • Kids splash family fun pad that creates the ultimate fiberglass pool
  • Large, unobstructed swimming corridor, ideal for playing games or swimming laps
  • Well-positioned entry and exit steps lead down to the pool floor
  • Sleek, modern design allows for unlimited landscaping possibilities
  • Safety ledge surrounding perimeter of pool
There is no feature more appealing than a built-in spa that integrates seamlessly into the overall pool design. The built-in spa has the option to either run off the pool filtration system or operate through a separate filtration system and heating unit. We even added some clever overflow channels with two spillover ledges, through which water cascades into the pool, creating a beautiful waterfall effect.


Length Width Shallow Deep Volume
30′ 15.6′ 4′ 6′ 16,225 gal
35′ 15.6′ 4′ 6.6′ 19,598 gal
40′ 15.6′ 4′ 7′ 23,147 gal

The Exquisite Fiberglass Pool with Built-In Spa and Splash Pad

Imagine Pools Colour Range

Ocean Blue

Ice Silver

Storm Grey

Reef Blue

Coral Blue

Volcanic Black