How Much Does a Small Fiberglass Pool Cost?

updated Spring 2022

I remember shopping for our first inground pool about 8 years ago (I wasn’t in the business yet) with the wife and I and just chatting that the pool wouldn’t cost us more than $40,000 all in. So, we started to search for pool companies and call around (remember yellow pages), no one was able to give us a budget and all insisted that they visit my home to give us a quote. Sure, so the fun began; back then we didn’t really know about fiberglass pools and every company we called offered vinyl liner pools and spoke down about fiberglass pools. We went with a vinyl liner pool, sold the house since and now have a fiberglass pool (installed by the best – ok I’m being biased)

The moral of the story was we were way off on our budget and luckily, we had a line of credit at the time to offset the costs. As you are reading this blog I truly wish this helps you with budgeting for your next pool regardless if it’s a fiberglass or vinyl liner swimming pool.

Always start with a wish list and a must list and take good notes, paying attention to details.

The Fiberglass Pool Shell & Installation

Naturally, the first cost we should outline is that of the Pool Shell even though there are a handful of manufactures offering pools in Ontario, only a few are actually the best pools (sorry can’t mention which ones here… big NO NO – can tell you warranty, structure, gel coat and customer service plays a large role in my opinion)


A typical 10′ x 20′ fiberglass pool shell cost approximately $32,800 plus tax. Doesn’t matter if it’s rectangle or freeform it’s only a few hundred dollars difference. You might find some fiberglass pool manufacturer brands are less expensive, but they fall into the same ballpark depending on quality, warranty, gel coat colour finishes and design.

A typical install with excavation, soil removal, HPB gravel, water supplied, will run you $18,500 – $28,800

The Coping & Patio

Just as important as the size of the patio is the material selection when it comes to cost. The minimum patio area associated with a pool is 300 sq.ft., and the average project we design has 650 sq.ft.. It is not uncommon for larger projects to have 1,500 sq.ft. or more! 

We don’t promote concrete patios in general, they look old fast, will crack (not if but when) Sorry to all my concrete bro’s….

Typical patios of popular interlocking stone cost from $20 per sq.ft., though different product choices can result in a range anywhere from $25 to $35 per sq.ft. and beyond.


Pool coping (the material choice at the edge of the pool) will affect the price as well on average a typical dark colour square edge concrete made paver stone installed is $75 – $105 per linear foot… so for a 13′ x 26′ pool you have 70′ linear feet plus some wastage so it’s aprx. $6,200

Fiberglass pools require a concrete collar around the perimeter of the pool on average with a fairly flat yard cost is $3,500 – $6,000

There are many other considerations for backyard projects such as retaining walls and steps for elevation changes, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, outdoor washrooms, pergolas, privacy screens, sprinklers, garden lighting, wood decks and plants to soften and complete the look.

Let’s Do Some Math

Fiberglass Pool

10′ x 20′ Fiberglass Pool Shell $31K to $35K
Pool Delivery $2k to $4k
Standard Crane $2,500
Installation on average $20K to $36k
Pool Equipment $13K to $26k
Total Fiberglass Pool Cost: $67K to $90k
. .
Electrical & Gas Hook Up $3k to $5k each
Sod repair 500 sq/ft $2,500
Concrete Collar $5k to $7k
Coping Stone Pavers $6k to $9k
300 sq/ft Patio Pavers $12,000
Total Landscaping & Hook Up Cost:  $27k to $35k
Total Project Budget: $95k to $130k
What’s Missing: City permit drawings & fee’s, Fencing, Gates, Retaining Walls, Upgraded equipment, extended underground piping and so on… even this is a very good budget it can be more or less.

When can you start the project?

this is a super common question and the answer is always the same, as soon as you get your permits in place and the pool is in stock we can schedule you in.  Ordering a pool to be manufactured can take up to 2 months, it’s always best to get the pool ordered and permits submitted.

How long will it all take? Thanks for asking… our fiberglass pools are installed in 3 days, of course it could take up to 4 days or as little as 2 days depending on weather, access to rear yard and some other form of obstacles that might arise.

Landscaping is usually another 5 days or so and sometimes a few weeks for larger projects. Either way your pool will be full of water after we install the fiberglass pool shell and realistically you can go swimming.

Guidelines above are based on standard costs effective Spring 2021 and on standard subdivision lots with good access, gas meters are close to the equipment pad and no underground cabling is required. Of course this is for budgeting purposes and also does not take into account any retaining walls required.