Questions To Ask Before Dealing With Trees Near Your Pool

Are you considering constructing a new pool for your backyard? Before construction, you may want to develop a strategy for dealing with any trees on your property. To help with the removal process, here are seven questions regarding trees that new pool owners should consider before constructing their new pool: 

  1. How far away should my pool be from trees?
  2. How do I decide which trees to get rid of?
  3. How do I protect the trees I want to keep?
  4. Can I surround my tree’s base with dirt?
  5. Will the root system cause any future damage to my pool or patio?
  6. How should I dispose of tree stumps after removal?
  7. Can trees be removed after pool installation?
  8. What if I’m still unsure about whether I should keep a tree?

How far away should my pool be from trees?

As a safe rule, your pool should be installed outside the perimeter of a tree’s upper canopy on the ground, if you have enough space. If you lack the area or want to prioritize the tree’s safety; however, it is best to build your pool fifteen feet away from any tree trunks in your yard. Any large branches in the canopy that interfere with your pool should adequately be removed by a professional tree removal company.

How do I decide which trees to get rid of?

Deciding which trees to remove from your yard depends on circumstances which are unique to every backyard. While it may seem most straightforward to remove every tree and minimize any future maintenance, consider these factors before making any decisions:

Accumulation of poolside debris

Fruit trees and nut trees will bring unwanted critters to your pool and should be removed before installation of the pool. Other tree types may lose branches or other debris during the fall season or after harsh storms.

Amount of poolside sun

Pay close attention the amount of shade your trees provide before deciding on removal. Receiving a significant amount of sunlight on your pool’s surface can make a big difference in the temperature of your pool. This should be considered if you would like to purchase additional amenities like pool heaters.

How do I protect the trees I want to keep during construction?

To protect your tree, try placing a small fence around your tree’s base with a fairly wide radius. The fence will block any direct strikes from equipment used during construction and can prevent dirt compaction near the tree base which can otherwise harm root systems surrounding the tree. If you notice any compaction occurring near your tree’s base, use a shovel to loosen the dirt so the tree’s root system can receive the proper aeration.

Can I surround my tree’s base with dirt?

Building dirt around an uneven tree base, such as one located on a downhill slope, can potentially cause a condition called “root rot”. Root rot will likely kill your tree within five years, requiring costly removal of the tree after your pool has been installed (see below). Avoid this practice if you’d like to keep the tree in your backyard.

Will roots cause any future damage to my pool or patio?

Risk varies depending on the type of pool you have installed. Vinyl liner pools, for example, risk greater damage due to tears caused by roots. Fiberglass and concrete pools will not be affected, however.

As for the patio, try to keep construction to a minimum of six feet from a tree’s base. If you end up closer to your patio than you had planned, use concrete pavers so you can remove any roots that grow in the future. Remember, it can take up to ten years before any noticeable interference occurs.

How should I dispose of my tree stumps after removal?

Any tree stumps found near the construction of your pool must be removed to prevent future decay. Gaps can also form underneath your pool as root systems deep in the soil begin to weaken. An eighteen-inch tree stump, for example, can potentially have a root system under your pool as large as a small sedan.

Hire a professional tree removal company to remove any stumps left on your property. They will contact your pool contractor and work together to dispose of the stumps properly. While this is expensive and time-consuming, it is necessary to prevent costly problems in the future.

Ask your tree care professional to grind down any stumps found outside of your pool or patio area. Make sure to communicate your wants to the tree care professional so they do not grind any stumps you’d like to keep.

Can trees be removed after pool installation?

Yes, they can! A tree can always be removed after installation of your pool. However, removing any remaining trees will cost more due to robust root systems that remain in your yard. Again, contact a tree removal company to make sure the root systems are correctly disposed of.

What if I’m still unsure about whether I should keep a tree?

If you’re unsure of what to do with a tree in your yard or have any additional questions, call a professional tree removal company or a local arborist in your area. A team of tree care professionals are the best resource to answer any of your questions and will offer assistance to remove your trees without creating unwanted harm.