Avi in Vaughan Avatar
Avi in Vaughan
9/08/2018 - Homestars

We are so happy that we choose 3 Day Pools to install our new fiberglass swimming pool. We didn't believe that it would be installed so quickly, YES in 3 Days! They are the real deal... kept their promises, always updated us on our permit status and they arrived on schedule. My neighbours were content also that they washed our street down and left the street like they were never there. If you are looking for a great company to deal with and stress free pool installation I recommend 3 Day Pools to everyone.

Josie G Avatar
Josie G
4/18/2019 - Google

We used 3daypools to winterize our pool that we purchased from them last year and also purchased a safety cover. They showed up on time were reasonably priced and we will definitely be calling them to open it soon!!!! They were professional and on point! No issues at all. Great service

Sarah Fullerton Avatar
Sarah Fullerton
8/14/2019 - Google

We are beyond thrilled with 3 Day Pools. Frank and the team at Ultra were phenomenal. No one can believe the transformation to our backyard was done in under a week. In fact everyone thinks that we have an above ground pool until they come over. Frank is excellent to work with - he set realistic expectations for a timeframe and stayed in contact throughout the entire process. If you are like us and don't think you would be able to put in a pool, call Frank at 3 Day Pools - he will have a solution for you, without a doubt!

jody Avatar
8/18/2019 - Homestars

loving my pool..delivered as promised. 3day pools handled my installation from start(permit) to finish(fence).
Always available to answer any questions. Shout out to Angelo and Anthony and team from Ultra for making the reality better than the dream

Francis in Toronto Avatar
Francis in Toronto
10/18/2018 - Homestars

3 Day Pools did our install in July '18. It was an amazingly smooth and seamless process. Their team is so efficient and hands on. They were always extremely quick to respond to our questions and concerns. The pool was installed in 3 days and we were able to enjoy the pool especially the kids. They took care of the design, the city building permits and installation, we couldn't have asked for a better experience. My husband and I are so impressed with them as a company. We will definitely recommend 3 Day Pools to anyone and everyone looking for a stress-free pool installation experience in Vaughan.

Paul Smith Avatar
Paul Smith
7/18/2019 - Google

We have been very pleased with 3 Day Pools. We purchased a Dolphin Tampico fibreglass pool from 3 days. While we had our own landscaper, 3 days did the install and all the pool hookups. Frank Torchia was very knowledgeable and helpful when we first met him and it gave us the confidence to go ahead with 3 days. They worked with our landscapers to make sure everything was in place and well coordinated. Frank and Vince kept to the schedule they promised us from the beginning and lived up to their name. They dug the hole and installed the pool including filling with water all in 1 day. Then, once we had our cement pad poured they came to install and plumb the pool equipment and we were good to go. Frank has been extremely responsive and answers the questions we have about running our pool quickly and knowledgeably. (This is our first pool). I would not hesitate to recommend 3 days — and we are totally sold on fibreglass pools as the way to go!!

B C Avatar
4/18/2019 - Google

They hit my septic tank pipe, backed up my house and buried the evidence!! Absolutely do not go with these installers!! Multi bobcat (Vince and his installers) caused a huge problem and backed up my entire house!! While digging the trench for the pool lines, Vince by accident dug out and broke the pipe that goes to my septic tank. All toilets/sinks that drain from the house reach the septic tank via this pipe. I’ll try to keep this short. It was a Friday afternoon and it was the final day of the pool installation. When I got home the trench for the pool lines was filled in and the guys were finishing up the pool equipment. Buy the end of the day the pool was running, we paid Vince and they packed up their machines and were gone. It wasn’t until a cpl hrs later when my wife had shower that the bathtub wasn’t draining. Then the toilets started backing up etc. I thought something with the pool may have caused this so I called Vince to see if he knew anything or if this was a strange coincidence. There was no answer. No call back. I left messages and still nothing. This left me suspicious. I was forced to call a plumber as my home was basically unusable.The plumber came after hours on a Friday night (at a premium) and informed me that the waste wasn’t making its way to the tank. All we could do was wait for sunlight and I would have to get the main pipe exposed. He returned the next day and brought with him some guys to hand dig and inspect the pipe. He started at the freshly filled in trench and found that a section of the septic pipe was missing! Gone! There were pieces of broken pipe in the dirt and this was obviously done with the machine while digging. I started to call Vince repeatedly and still no answer. I paid to have the pipe repaired so we could use the house and the plumber was done in no time. The repair itself cost under $100 and was done in less than an hr! This is what makes me furious; I understand mistakes happen but Vinces decision to quickly bury the mistake and leave was so wrong. Especially with a Home Depot down the street and such an cheap/easy fix. Vince finally called back on Monday and assured me many times it wasn’t him and he knew nothing about it. With all the evidence he still wouldn’t admit his mistake. I ate the $1000 plumbing bill. I do not trust the work he did and I wonder what other corners he cut. Lesson learned, if it seems to good to be true, it normally is. My wife and I were skeptical of a pool in 3 days but were assured it can be done and they do it all summer. It took weeks for the final product with landscaping. Vince shook my hand and looked me in the eye before he left my house knowing what he did, don’t let this happen to you.

Paul Avatar
7/08/2019 - Homestars

3 Day Pools did a great job installing our pool!
Frank was extremely knowledgable and helped us make the right choices for our pool. And Vince made sure the installation went smoothly. They lived up to their name and installed our pool in less than 3 days!!
What I appreciated the most was how responsive they were. Answered all our questions promptly and did everything as per the agreed upon schedule and budget. I’ve already recommended 3 Day Pools to 2 of my friends.

sarah Avatar
6/18/2019 - Homestars

From start to finish we were blown away by everything. Frank and the team from Ultra went above and beyond. They set proper expectations and actually adhered to them. They started on a Thursday and we were swimming the following Wednesday. We just had a party and everyone couldn't believe it was the same backyard that they had just been in a week prior. I would 100% recommend Frank and Ultra for anything and everything.

Josie G in Vaughan Avatar
Josie G in Vaughan
1/18/2019 - Homestars

Amazing team at 3 Day Pools! Frank was so awesome in answering al of our questions. He took the time to ensure we understood all of the information he gave us!
Always treated like we were his family. So many suggestions and options for our particular size of property.
We shopped around before deciding on 3 Day Pools, and we are so thankful and extremely pleased that we chose Frank and his team! Excellent and honest service, even better customer service and we would 100% recommend 3 Day Pools to everyone. In fact, we have already referred 3 families!
Thanks to Frank and the team at 3 Day Pools!
We would totally hire you over and over again!!

Claudio Avatar
11/18/2018 - Homestars

Fast, clean, polite and very knowledgeableUsed them to close the pool and again amazing service.Highly recommend my back yard is proof of there workmanship.

Jody Armstrong Avatar
Jody Armstrong
8/18/2019 - Google

Loving my pool...delivered as promised. 3DayPools handled my installation from start (permit) to finish(fence) and stayed true to budget. A phone call away if you have any questions or concerns. Shout out to Angelo and Anthony from Ultra for making the reality better than the dream.

Helen F. Avatar
Helen F.
7/09/2019 - Google

We had a 35' pool installed this year. Frank helped us each step of the way and even after the pool was installed. We had a question about the pool heater and even though it was the long weekend, Frank took our call and helped us out. The pool was installed in 3 days. Frank immediately dealt with any issues that came up to our complete satisfaction. We love our 3 Day Pool!!!!

sarah Avatar
6/08/2019 - Homestars

From start to finish we were blown away by everything. Frank and the team from Ultra went above and beyond. They set proper expectations and actually adhered to them. They started on a Thursday and we were swimming the following Wednesday. We just had a party and everyone couldn't believe it was the same backyard that they had just been in a week prior. I would 100% recommend Frank and Ultra for anything and everything.