How To Clear Cloudy Swimming Pool Water

Owning a swimming pool comes with many challenges that pool owners have to deal with from time to time. For instance, when you have a pool party at your home, you may realize that your pool water has become cloudy and dirty. This condition is caused by improper levels of chlorine, imbalance in PH, alkalinity […]

Vital Swimming Pool Chemicals

Just like other stagnant waters around your home, swimming pools are faced with dangers that tend to not only reduce the quality of water but also, make the pool difficult to swim in. keeping your swimming pool clean and clear can be a tough job. This is especially when you do not have the right […]

Pool Saturation Index – What You Should Know

Pool Water Saturation Index is not the simplest topic to write an article about; there is a lot of numbers involved. Langelier Saturation Index is a scientific formula that leads to calculating water balance and saturation. The Canadian Municipal Affairs and Environment website identifies the Langelier Saturation Index as “an approximate indicator of the degree of saturation […]

Understanding How Chlorine Affects Swimming Pool Water

Understanding Pool Chlorine You do not necessarily have to be a scientist to handle your pool’s chemistry properly. Of course, the chemistry knowledge will make your pool’s maintenance easier for you. It will also allow you to impress your friends and neighbours and know the science behind the things you do to keep a clean and […]