The 5 Things Every Pool Shopper needs to know Before they receive any Estimates

The decision to purchase your first pool is like a childhood dream come true. If you’re ready to get one, then you were probably one of those kids who loved swimming and would tell all of their friends that when they grow up, they’re going to have one of their own, and it’s going to be even bigger than this one.
Now here you are, old enough to purchase your own pool and you couldn’t be more excited. As you should be because purchasing your first pool is an important decision. It’s quite similar to purchasing your first home. I know that might sound extreme, but it takes a lot more than just swiping your card or signing a cheque. I mean, you don’t get many chances to do this and once that pool is installed, well, changing it out isn’t exactly going to be the easiest to do. Lucky for you, the information you need is right below in five easy steps. And don’t forget to make the process of purchasing your pool an enjoyable one. You’ve worked hard for it.

You should really know that you want a Swimming Pool

This might sound a bit insane at this point as you’re already reading about purchasing a pool. But the truth is, knowing you want a pool in your backyard and being sure of it is the key to your ability to make sound and rash decisions on what will probably be quite an expensive endeavor.

I’ve spoken with a couple who thought they always wanted a pool and then when they realized the process it was going to take, were a bit deterred and unsure. I repeat “You must be sure when you purchase a pool.” It isn’t something that can just be replaced or returned. The couple I spoke with did explain that they have two younger children and having a pool they could play in and teach their children to swim would be ideal and this was ultimately what cemented their decision. We’re not here to convince people to purchase a pool, we’re here to help people who know they want a pool choose the right one with the right options that will meet their needs not just today, but for years to come. I referenced them to the numerous articles on our website to assist them, but when it comes to convincing, that is where you have to be sure.

Know what’s MOST important to You about the Pool

There are many common goals like Low maintenance, Customization, Warranty, Aesthetics, designability, Play Area or Water Features that are going to be the most important to you about your pool. There are many other reasons, but what it comes down to as a pool shopper is knowing what you want your pool to be. The best thing to do is to consider what goals are the most important about your pool and then rate them in order before you meet the pool installer. This way, your ability to focus on the right pool with the right options will enhance immensely.

What is MOST Important to you about the Pool Installer?

There is a cavalcade of questions you should ask yourself and answer before meeting with a pool guy. Questions like
  • Are you looking for turn-key?
  • Are you solely focused on lowest price?
  • How much do quality and workmanship come into play when regarding your decision?
The biggest question to ask might be one of price. If you as the pool shopper are solely price-motivated then you probably don’t need a bunch of different pool guys coming to your home for estimates. There are some that just want the lowest price out there and, in all sincerity, they probably shouldn’t be shopping for a pool if that is the main motivator. There is nothing wrong with searching for low prices to save money, but in the purchasing of a pool, a low price usually means that you’re not going to get the best quality and workmanship.
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Yes, a company must make a profit to survive, but to also establish longevity and be able to offer great service down the road as well. So, please consider these questions carefully as you shop for your swimming pool. It’s recommended to write down your priorities and let them be the compass as you seek the best pool installer for you and your family.

It’s Important to know your True Budget

The times have changed in recent years and it’s much more easy to acquire a loan for things like swimming pools for the simple fact that property values have gone up. As a homeowner, it is imperative that you get your financing in order before you attempt to start getting pool quotes. This might sound like the opposite of what you need to do, but often pool shoppers will make deposits and get on an install schedule only to find out that financing just isn’t available to them. It is strongly recommended that homeowners seek out their financing resources before even sitting down with a pool guy. If you do this, neither you, nor their time will end up being wasted.

It’s Important to know the general difference between Vinyl, Concrete and Fiberglass

When looking into the differences between these three types of pools, you are going to find varying opinions on what might be better than the others. The truth is that one type of pool, like a fiberglass one for instance, might not be for everyone. And that’s okay.
If you as the homeowner have a distinct idea as to the pros and cons of each type of pool before even receiving your first estimate, then you’re already ahead of the curve. Because now you’ll be able to make logical decisions on the type of pool that will fit the needs of your family for years to come. This is why it’s important to do your due diligence and research each type of pool extensively. It will greatly enhance your pool shopping experience.
Comparing the differences between Vinyl Liner, Fiberglass & Concrete Pools
These are the 5 things you should know for sure before you even pick up the phone to receive your first estimate. That way you don’t have to worry about something going wrong in the process that could’ve been avoided with some research and certainty and you can begin to enjoy the dream pool you’ve always wanted.