With Fiberglass Pools getting more popular year after year, home owners with larger than standard subdivision lots are looking to maximize their swim space.  Up to just a few years ago a concrete or liner pool was your only option or a full length 40′ swimming pool.

Keeping in mind that fiberglass pools are manufactured in a factory setting and transportation from the factory to your home is the greatest challenge.  They are limited to a 16′ width and lengths of up to 44′ (very rare).  Let’s take a look at the models available locally in the GTA.



Well you are in luck, about every fiberglass pool manufacture has many smaller size models to choose from. Imagine Pools has a very nice rectangular 16′ x 10′ swimming pool, although it’s not the smallest Leisure Pools Fiji Plunge is only 6.11′ x 9.6′ like an over size spa pool.

When selecting your ideal pool, keep in mind that size doesn’t always mean family fun area. Take for example, a 8′ deep diving pool 16′ x 40′ seems like a very big pool, but look at the actual shallow end which is approximately 12′ – 14′ then the pool starts to ramp downwards toward the deep diving end.

Also, features like steps, benches, and seats—although great for relaxing— limit the amount of play area within the pool.