Winter Pool Installation Common Questions and Answers

Most Common Questions Installing a Fiberglass Pool in Ontario Winter


Majority of Canadians, especially us Ontarian’s, naturally assume that all pool companies close during the winter (I guess the idea of installing a swimming pool in February does seem a little odd and maybe crazy.)  However, many pool companies, like ours for example, install inground pools year round. We have this complicated relationship with the winter months. It’s great to get away and travel, take some time to just relax from the hectic pool season, but because people aren’t exactly thinking about their backyard landscaping or swimming when it’s -10 degrees outside, they aren’t lining up to buy pools.  The fact is that our monthly bills still get delivered via Canada Post and the show must go on, so we offer a discount for winter installs and other benefits also.

Here are 6 Common Questions we’re asked about Winter Discounts on Inground Pools: 

  1. Is it legal? Really in the Winter?

Well I guess it depends on the individual pool company, some would say we have totally lost our minds and talk against it. But it’s really just science, yes the ground may be frozen a few inches down but most pools are installed well below frost lines so NOT a big deal.

It’s totally legal and there is no governing body that says otherwise, actually city hall approves winter pool permits.


  1. How much could you really save?

Our customers will typically save between $3,000-$6,000 depending on several factors:

What you buy: the more you spend the more you save.

When you buy: we typically start booking winter installs in late summer

Our schedule: once our schedule is full, winter discounts go bye-bye (2020 Winter is already booked – 2021 is now booking)


  1. Can you test the pool for leaks in the winter?

Yes! We test our pools with a pressure leak test, so we guarantee the plumbing won’t leak. We also use high grade industrial marine silicone which sets in cooler climates and super water tight.


  1. In order to receive a winter discount, when would my pool need to be installed?

For us, winter discounts begin around Thanksgiving and end in February. March is when we consider it spring.


  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a winter installation?


Save Money

You can enjoy a full swim season next year instead of dealing with construction

You have time to complete finishing touches like landscaping in time to open the pool in the spring.

Installation crews are not rushed and actually enjoy working rather staying cooped up inside.



There may be minor delays if it’s too cold to pour concrete like below -10 during the day, we do use curing blankets and use winter additives if needed. Remember city construction continues and so does home builders, what’s the difference?

You’ll have a beautiful pool in your backyard for a while that you can’t use (worth a couple thousand dollars to me.)


  1. What are some common concerns people have about winter installations?

Will my pool, plumbing, or equipment freeze?  No, we winterize the entire pool from the start, so it’s really no different than any other pool. 

Will the freezing temperatures compromise the integrity of the pool in any way?  Nope, if there were a chance of that we wouldn’t do it. The only phases of construction that are of concern anyway are concrete/masonry work and tile work.  We’re simply not going to do any work at your house unless the weather is compatible…no worries!

When will you teach me how to take care of it?  In the spring, when we open the pool and get it up and running for you.


With our senior team members having over 16 years experience working with concrete & pools we have completed well over 200 winter concrete & pool installations over the years, I can confidently say that it’s a win/win for all parties.  The pool company gets to stay busy and the customer saves some serious money. That’s it for now, hope that helped. Thanks for being here!


What other questions do you have about winter installations?